9ct Wedding Bands

We have wide range of 9ct (375) wedding bands selections for our customers to choose from. Our sizes go from alphabet H to Z6 we also have half sizes rings i.e.  If size is bigger than J then we also  J and Half in our stock .


9ct Jewelleries

We have a wide range 9ct jewelleries. Which includes;

  • fashionable chains in different lengths for all genders, lengths can be adjusted if requested
  • Bracelets for all genders and various designs and styles to match all occasions.
  • Pendants in various designs such as Religious pendants, Initial Pendants
  • A wide range of Bangles and earrings


22ct Bangles

22ct (916) Bangles are also in stock from a wide range of designs and sizes for the customers to choose from. We have a wide range of design selection to choose from around 50 different designs for the customers to look at; (1,2,3,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,23,24,25,26,27,31,32,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,48,49,50). We also have 7 Sister Bangles, Hollow Rope Bangle, Kangan, Punjabi Kada, India Patta, India White Gold Bangle. Our bangles are imported from India and also, we make bangles in our manufacturing plant as per the customer’s specification for custom-made orders.


22ct Mangal Sutra

Elegant collection 22ct (916) Mangal Sutra’s is also available varying in designs and sizes for customers to choose from.

Some of our Mangal Sutra designs include;

  • Single Row/ Double Row/Triple Row to Five Row
  • Netting patterns in Mangal Sutra,
  • Assorted selection of Mangal Sutra Diamond Pendant.

Our local manufacturing plant makes special beads design Mangal Sutra with various designs to choose from and also custom-made orders for specific customers. We also import Mangal Sutra from India, Dubai for our loyal customers to have a look from.


22ct Chains

22ct (916) Chains are there in the stock from a wide range of designs and sizes for the customers to choose from.

Our 22ct chain designs include;

  • Twisted Chains,
  • Hollow Rope Chains,
  • Solid Rope Chains,
  • Cartia Rope Chain,
  • Design Chain,
  • T/12(India Chains – White Gold Two Tone Chains).

We also have various designs to choose from for customers (D1-D28) with over 25 designs to choose from for all your needs.


22ct Bracelets

22ct (916) Bracelets for all genders to select from.

Our selection includes

  • Milan Bracelet,
  • ID Bracelet,
  • Beads Bracelet (This can be specifically designed uniquely to customer’s choice).

Our Bracelets are also imported from India and Singapore respectively.


22ct Bali

22ct (916) Bali are in stock for a wide range of designs and sizes for the customers to choose from. We have in store different patterns from a range of Wide Bali, Spring Bali, Plain Gold Bali, 2 tone Bali, Thin Bali. Our Bali are imported from Singapore and India respectively.


22ct Earring

22ct (916) Earrings for our female customers who love their earrings to match their outfits. We have Jhumkas, Light Weight Studs, Stone Studs, 2 Tone Earrings, J Earrings, India Studs, India Fancy. All our Bali’s are from India and we also make to measure orders for our customers if a customer has specific requirements.


22ct Ring

22ct (916) Rings for both ladies and gents for the different styles and occasions they need. For men, we have the Ring options such as Meena Gents Ring, Men’s Ring (Designer), Singapore Men’s Stone Ring, India Men’s Ring, India Plain Ring, Baby Ring, Diamond Ring. For ladies, we have the Ring options such as Ladies Wedding Bands, Plain Ladies Ring, India Stone Rings, Singapore Stone Rings.


22ct Pendant

22ct (916) Pendant for all genders for different styles and occasions.. We have Pendants for all in various shapes and designs. Our pendants in the store are; Round Tali, Heart Tali, Leg Tali, Gundu, Taabiz, Zodiacs, Sovereign, Rudraksh, 21st Key, 21st Key Singapore, Cross Pendant, Name Pendant, Initial (Pendant), Initial Pendant India, Religious Pendant, Religious Pendant India. We can also manufacture design up to customer’s personal requirement in Custom authorization.


22ct Necklace

22ct (916) Necklace for our female customers are in various designs for different occasions Our Necklaces ranges from Single Piece Necklace to heavy Necklace sets which include Earrings as well. Our Necklaces are imported from India.


22ct Plastic Chudi

22ct (916) Plastic Chudi is a traditional bangle which ladies wear in marriage ceremonies. We have a wide range of Plastic Chudi to choose from and different colours as per the fashion and costumes are chosen by the bride for their big event.



We have a wide range of Silver (925) jewelleries. Silver is very common amongst customers as Silver can be worn daily.

Our Silver from India / Singapore / New Zealand range includes Silver Chains all genders.  .

Our silver jewellery includes;

  • Unique designs of chains for all genders.
  • Trendy Bracelets for all genders and in different sizes.
  • Religious Pendants, 21st Key Pendants, Foot Print, Tulsi Leaf, Ladder,
  • Toe Rings, Payal (Anklets),
  • Plain wedding bands and rings various designs and stone setting for all genders.



For Diamond, we have a very exclusive and upmarket range of products. We have Rings in 9ct (375) diamond stone rings specifically imported from New Zealand for our customers. These rings are distinctive and unique from each other in all forms, in shape, weight, sizes, make to ensure that no two rings are the same unless it is his and her diamond ring, which we also have in store for couples needing wedding or engagement ring.

Our diamond selection also includes

  • Diamond rings in White Gold for all genders .These rings are imported from New Zealand.
  • Designer Mangal Sutra pendants in 18ct (750) finishing with diamonds
  • Stud earrings in diamond finish for our female customers



We have Black Pearls from the beautiful island of Tahiti. We can assemble these pearls for the our female customers as per their requirements and custom-made orders for customers. In-store we have for customers to choose from a range of beautiful 9ct (375) Black Pearl Rings, Black Pearl Necklace, Black Pearl Bracelet, Black Pearl Stud, Black Pearl Pendants all from the beautiful island of Tahiti and manufactured and finished in our factory in Fiji.

Nose Pin / Ear Piercing

We also have 22ct (916) Nose pins and Medicated Stud for Ear piercing done at our store. Our Range of Medicated Studs are from Big patterns to Small, from Plain Gold to Star design and Various Stones

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